My clients view on Outsourcing Overseas to India and the Philippines


A Big Shot Out

I just want to give a big shout out to Tom Fougerousse for mentioning 2nd Office in his most recent blog post “Is outsourcing worth the hassle?”. It’s always nice to hear that your service is helping other people grow their business.

Who is Tom?

Tom was one of my very first clients and he’s been with us for over a year already. He’s been working in the eCommerce Industry since 2005 and has held many positions within the Industry. He’s currently married and has a 1 year old son. Sorry ladies, he’s already taken =D! Currently he works as the eCommerce Marketing Director for an Internet Top 500 Retailer and also has a start-up software company called Supplier Partner which specializes in helping Manufacturers and wholesalers distribute their product data to their customers. If you know of any suppliers who have bad data and need some help, contact Tom and he can help. Not only does it help your supplier, but it also helps you out since your supplier will be able to provide you with better product data!

What are your thoughts on Outsourcing to India, the Philippines, or any other country? Have you had a good experience or bad one?

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