SixBit Software Review – eBay Listing Tool

For my clients who only sell on eBay, we like to use SixBit Software. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages which will be explained later, I want to give you my unbiased review on the software as a first hand user. Before SixBit, I was an avid Blackthorne user for 8 years.

Product Type: eBay Listing Tool

eBay Sites: US, UK, AU, US eBay Motors, UK eBay Motors
Marketplaces: eBay & Bid Start
Free Trial: 30 Days
Platform: Desktop Based, Windows only
Company Web site:

Pros: Faster than web based software, allows excel import and upload, great reporting feature and inventory update through flat file. Software is SQL based and is capable of customization for your business. Great Inventory management features. There is also a drop ship add on module that allows you to send your drop ship orders directly to your supplier.

Cons: Can only be accessed via your desktop computer.

The Bottom Line: If you’re strictly selling on eBay and are looking for a reliable software where you can upload items via excel, this is the software for you. It is very affordable and has almost all the same functions as enterprise software such as Channel Advisor at an affordable price.

SixBit Software Review

If you’re a previous Blackthorne user, then you’ll like SixBit. The creator of SixBit is John Slocum who is the orignal creator of eBay Blackthorne. He’s taken the orignal Blackthorne Platform and has created a feature riched eBay listing software tool.

What’s so great about SixBit eBay Listing Software? 

AD Templates - SixBit Utilizes eBay Ad Templates that enables you to change the look of your listings with each template. This is an advantage if you have multiple eBay stores and you want to use the same listing with a different eBay store ID. Ex. If you decide to change your listing design, all you would need to do is update your AD template and all of your listings with that template will update to the new design.

Bulk Import/Export - The Bulk Import and Export feature works really well with SixBit. If you are dealing with thousands of products and your supplier provides you with an excel spreadsheet, SixBit will be your new best friend. You can basically take this spreadsheet with all of that data, optimize all of your data directly into excel and import that data directly into SixBit! This saves you hundreds of hours in listing time. Best of all, you can even import item specifics into SixBit!

Inventory Control

SixBit has a neat feature called an “allocation plan”. Basically an allocation plan handles the managing of your live listings inventory count automatically. For example, you can set a listing to have an allocation plan of “Keep all uncommitted inventory listed”. This will keep all inventory listed on eBay at all times. If an item sells out or inventory becomes zero, the listing will automatically end.

There are many options you can set with allocation plans:

  • SixBit can automatically revise fixed price listings to maintain a constant quantity on each site
  • SixB can automatically keep all your uncommitted inventory listed by splitting your it across multiple sites
  • SixBit can automatically keep all of your uncommitted inventory listed on all/any sites
  • SixBit can automatically relist fixed price items when they end including automatically lowering the price on unsold items until a floor price is reached
  • SixBit can automatically relist auctions when they end
  • SixBit can automatically end listings when you no longer have uncommitted inventory


SixBit can handle multi-variations pretty well. It also supports multi-variations vix CSV import, which is great if you’re working with thousands of products. It also has a neat feature so you can automatically name your SKU’s based on criteria you set.

Order Management

SixBit makes order processing a breeze. You can process your eBay orders directly from SixBit from printing invoices all the way to shipping the order and adding tracking numbers.

SixBit also has an additional module called “Drop Shipping” for sellers who have a drop shipping business model. SixBit is able to automatically send an email directly to your drop ship supplier for faster order processing!

eBay Motors

SixBit is a great for sellers who sell on eBay Motors. It’s one of the few softwares that actually support eBay motors. Below is a screen shot of what the compatibility function looks like. It’s much faster creating a motors listing through SixBit in comparison to eBay’s online listing tool. If you’re working with hundreds of products, I would definitely consider using SixBit to grow your eBay motors parts business.




I would have to say the support at SixBit is very fast to respond and knows what they’re talking about. They will go out of their way to help you and solve your issues. They also have a very active community on their forums where you can ask for help as well. You may even get a chance to speak to John Solcum himself, the man behind the software also interacts with his users. This is hard to say for other software companies in the same space, you’ll most likely be talking to a customer service rep. With SixBit, the creator stands behind his software and his users.

Product Comparison

Platform PC/Windows PC/Windows PC/Windows
Selling Accounts 2 5 unlimited
Simultaneous Users 2 5 unlimited
Bulk Edit Item Data
Batch Change with Search/Replace/Math
Revise Listings
Manage Sales
Administer Employee Accounts up to 5 unlimited
Schedule Listings On eBay eBay fees apply free w/ SixBit Scheduling free w/ SixBit Scheduling
Custom Fields
Description Wrappers 5 50 unlimited
Email Buyers with Editable Templates
Create New Email Templates up to 10
Automatic Emails
Leave eBay Feedback
Automatic Randomized Feedback
Watermarking of images
Answer Buyer Questions
Print Pick List and Customizable Packing Lists
Print Postage/Carrier Labels
Inventory Tracking/Purchase History
Profit and Loss Report
Sales Tax Report
Inventory Report
Analysis Tools Suite
Allocation Plans
Advanced Database Automation
Support Support Ticketing System Support Ticketing System Priority Response in Ticketing System
Import from CSV Flat File
Drop Shipper Module Available $24.99/mon. $24.99/mon.
Consignment Module Available $24.99/mon. $24.99/mon.
Supports eBay Motors (Parts and Acc. only)
Works with eBay US, UK, CA and AU
Integration with bidStart US
Base Price (addon modules not included) $19.99/month $34.99/month $69.99/month

SixBit Software Review in 4 Minutes!

Have you used SixBit before? If so what are your thoughts on it? Please comment below. If you haven’t used it before, give it a try and who knows it might be the best solution for your business!

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  • I had Bought (not rented) Slocums Blackthorne software in ’98 (and was one of the first 10 buyers of Pro-we were the “Beta Team”) and then he sold out to ebay and left us all hanging. The main problem I had back then was the software being constantly upgraded to the latest operating systems and memory increases, so that if your pc was not the very latest equipment, you would have lags and slow responses. Hope that has changed. I may try it again but as you can tell, I still have reservations based on the past.

    • Hi Ken, PC’s have come a long way since then and are more powerful and can handle most software’s with no problem including SixBit. They have a free trial, you should try it out. Although I won’t lie, I still miss the old Blackthorne as do many other users.

  • I like the Sixbits software but I do not know how to get seller support. Trying to get to someone who can assist has been impossible. The only support I could find was 4 hours for over $100/hr.

    A small problem I could use help with is how can you alphabetically list Items specifics in your listing modules – picking what category I need is time consuming without this?

  • I currently use Turbo Lister which eBay is ending support for. Can I migrate all of my Turbo Lister files to SixBit as a bulk transfer or do I have to create them all over again?

  • I came to SixBit from Blackthorn and have been very please with it untill eBay started to change first to mobile then to no active content
    I am very disappionted the SixBit have not even attempted to help solve these problems I have had to go to a third party and pay to resolve the problem and buy a templete and install that in the description wrapper so it works I belive it to be unreasnable to expext SixBit to have a very sinmple solution to resolve this problem isant that part of what we are paying for. When I contacted support they simple told me that it was my problem to solve and offer NO help at all It’s very disapionting as in all other respect the proram works for me very well

    • Hi Barry,

      This is usually what happens when eBay makes changes and we are at their mercy. I am glad you were able to solve your issue.


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